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CRITICAL INFORMATION THAT WILL ANSWER MANY QUESTIONS…( as crazy as it may seem this is really what has been kept from us…note …how do you think we went from horse n buggy to putting a craft on the moon…this just does not happen in this short a time frame.


Appendix B
Supplement to the Code to the Matrix
By James Evans Bomaer III

( google Code To The Matrix By James Evans Bomaer III To Read More Online Or Get His Top Information Book )

Is concerned, you can consider that everything you ever learned is a complete lie. All history and science books are rewritten to accommodate the agenda of the controllers of this planet. These books are just as false as the New Age material spewing forth from such places as Sedona and Santa Fe, to name a couple of Illuminati Meccas.                   Disinformation is rampant everywhere. My information comes from religious indoctrinations, experiences, conversations with scientists, studying those involved in
Illuminati programs, communications with Alien and/or Inter-dimensional beings
whom I met at various experiments with my own body, and through the probing of my
I can only tell you that it is available in certain places the profound proof of what I
bring forth. To deny these things produce the insanity that man has thus entrenched
himself in. Although all existence is simultaneous, and time and space are merely
illusions of physical reality, for the purpose of this book I will present the majority of
history from a linear perspective. There are also infinite universes, both physical and
non-physical, but for now, I will only tell you about this one but always keep in mind,
in spheres of remoteness, time can be stretched, curved back, then concentrated all in
one point, made to explode in lines that run in every direction and again can be
stretched, and curved into an infinity of temporal paradoxes.
To understand how various known and unknown classes such as the Illuminati came to power, or even to comprehend what they are, it is important to understand the
beginning of life on this world and its progression.
I do not believe in any religion, organized or otherwise. All religions, no matter what
they are, are forms of group mind-control designed to manipulate large masses of
people to stop thinking for themselves. I do believe in The Most High. It has no
In the subsequent times following the release of my last book, The Code to the Matrix
much has been written about by other “researchers” concerning Reptilians and their
rituals. This theme has found its way into the psyche of the public. Most people are still
not willing to accept or even entertain the idea that hybrid Reptilians are running
around and in control of large parts of this Planet and perform blood rituals and
ceremonies using humans as the source of food and hormones. I wish it were not true.
But I cannot change history, current events, or what I know to be true. I can only
implode from this reality and explode back into it.
The controllers plan the pattern of coming events in such a way to purposefully
disorient the masses while they alone see the destination and the order of life. The
masses are lead to believe that haphazard events amidst chaos shape their existence.
In true reality, there is no such thing as Chaos. Chaos is simply a pattern not yet
understood or perceived.
Think about an ant crawling over a designed, tiled floor. The ant may seem confused or disoriented; not knowing which way to go. But a human being watching the ant from a higher perspective clearly sees the floor pattern and knows which way the ant can get to its destination. To the ant, there is only perceived chaos. To the human, there is a
To the controllers, the humans are the ants. The controllers are interested in directing the people in such a way that they do not know that they are being directed. The controllers work slowly and methodically from a galactic perspective to accomplish
their goals.
With awareness, you too, can perceive order from the chaos, make some conscious
decisions, and gain control of your own life and destiny. Various Life forms
When pursuing the ultimate truth, I encountered, vividly, amongst others, an alien
species known as a Reptilian. They seemed to pop in and out of physical reality and they
also seemed very organized as if an agenda was at hand. The Reptilians primarily use the lower astral realms as their reference point, or point of entry, into physical reality.

This is the origin of the legends of astral demons. These Beings were brought to the Draco star system eons ago by another group unknown to anyone. Further, no one knows anything of their true origins.
Communication was entirely telepathic while visual encounters from others which
remained silent were also at hand. Mentally, they told me that they came from the far
future where humans no longer existed, and that its species was not from this reality.
Continuing, it said that its species had traveled back into the distant past to create a race of Beings, which I knew as the Reptilians, to antagonize and test humans. It also told me that they were assisted by the Sirians of Sirius A.
For the Reptilians to function in physical reality, they needed physical genetics. The
transparent people took genetics from the now physical Lyraens, a constellation
bordered by Draco, who have blonde or red hair, and blue or green eyes. These genetics
were mixed with the “transparent peoples” collective energy, thus manifesting physically
as the Reptilians. This is why the current Reptilians need the energetics from Aryan-type
people to survive on the physical plane.
Once the Reptilians were created in the astral, they needed a physical home base from which to accomplish their task. For this, they took over many different physical realities in which they could become the dominant species. Mentally, they were programmed to conquer and absorb all of the races and species that they encountered.   Those that could not be absorbed were to be destroyed, this is the root of the Borgian idealism. The purpose of all of this is to determine the most perfect form in a physical reality that can exist in any environment. Think of it as a gigantic, cosmic Survivor contest where the genes and configuration of the survivor is the prize.
The Reptilians are programmed to believe that they are the superior physical form.
Scientifically speaking, Reptilian DNA does not change very much over Aons of time. It
basically remains the same. For them, this is their proof that they are already perfect,
without any need to adapt. Mammalian life, on the other hand, evolves and changes
form constantly to survive.
To the Reptilian mind, this denotes weakness and inferiority. These Reptilians are also androgynous, meaning male and female in one body. This is comparable to all non-
physical forms that have no gender like The Most High. For this reason, the Reptilians
believe themselves to be more godlike because of their androgyny. Due to their
ethnocentric values, they also consider it their right to control and conquer all of space
and time.
Although the Reptilians operate out of a general group mind, they are separated into
seven different Reptilian species, each created to perform specific functions.
This is their hierarchy, and is based on the nine level Angelic Hierarchy that is witnessed in books such as The Key to Solomon. The Hindu caste system is also a direct replica of the Reptilian hierarchy.
The politics of the Draco trading colonies which can be compared to Dune,whose
Arrakeis, the home star of Dracos and Dune, is correctly located in Alpha Draconis.
This represented those you may know as the Enlil, Yahweh, and Michael side of the An
or Ana, also called the Anunnaki family. These are also the Templars, followers of the
MAG, “Draco Matriliny”. Their purpose is to HARVEST COLONIES on hundreds of
Planets. The “Skull and the Bones” this is Orion.
Later, as Enlil/Yahweh under the name of “God” “Michael” He who is like God, installs genetic rules in Aboriginal Australia and in North and South America, he is following the Drac tradition entirely focused on preventing change and facilitating the harvest of colonies like forests whose only purpose is to be cut down.
At a deeper level we should investigate the connection between the loss of DNA called DNA implosions. The physics of loss of soul & access to THE GREAT ATTAINMENT.
This is loss of fire in the blood which creates loss of lucid dreaming, loss of “ensoulment”
and LOSS OF LONG TERM MEMORY. Part of this problem causes the loss of ability
to navigate in time travel. We are star navigators, time travelers, able to warp space from within, due to this loss of DNA coherence has been impaired. There is no steering a collective culture through time portals without a leader who is able to remember past lives. It is profound to compare this to a Zulu shaman leader was bemoaning to Us how his grand children lost their ability to lucid dream just after they had been given Immunization shots. This is an example of how Borg, the fallen Draco Empires, treat DNA of true Light people. They do this by not loving their brother and sisters enough to set them free, they even blind their own children. The War of the Worlds I Because the Humaniod Lyraens did not have a defense system in place, they were sitting targets for the Reptilians when they invaded this system. After being brutally attacked by the Draco Empire, the survivors of the Lyraen societies dispersed to other locations throughout the Galaxy. The remnants of the Draco attack on Lyrae are still seen by today’s scientists.
In 1985, a newspaper article stated that scientists are able to observe remnant waves of a blast that fanned outward, and emanated from a central part of this galaxy. This blast is several million years old and of such intense proportions that the wave is still traveling toward the edge of the Galaxy were it dissipates.
These survivors went to Orion, Tau Ceti, Pleiades, Procyon, Antaries, Alpha Centauri,
Barnard Star, Arcturus, and dozens of other solar systems. In this solar system, the
refugees colonized the planet now called Mars. At that time, it was the third planet in
the solar system. A world called Maldek was then the fourth planet in this solar system,
and was also colonized.
The Lyraens were mostly blonde-haired, blue-eyed people, with an occasional red-haired or green-eyed person. In Lyraen society, red-haired people were considered special with extrasensory powers that connected them to non-physical realms. They were especially desired for breeding purposes. Special permission to breed with a red-haired person was required because of the extra-sensory, or superhuman, abilities that came with the offspring.
For this reason, red-haired people were kept separate from the rest, and even had their own subculture. They were also coveted by the Reptilians, who as a species did not have much psychic ability. Often, when Reptilians came to various Lyraen worlds for
occupation, the Lyraen refugees offered a group of red-haired people to appease them
for a while. This practice eventually degenerated into sacrifices to appease the
The Planet Earth in those days was a water world in second orbit from the Sun. There was little land above the surface. The only intelligent inhabitants were an Amphibian race that was completely without technology. The atmosphere of the Earth was mostly liquid. The Planet definitely could not sustain any type of human life forms.
The dispersed Lyraen descendants developed their own cultures over the Aons of time. Mars and Maldek were similar to the current Earth environment, with warm to
temperate climates and an oxygen-rich atmosphere. The gravity on Maldek was denser
that Mars, so those people developed a thicker frame and a more aggressive attitude.
Eventually, skirmishes developed between the occupants of the two planets. Mars was
rich in resources. The people of Maldek thought they should have these resources for
their survival. The Martians, feeling a full scale attack was eminent, asked the Beings of
Sirius A, from the Planet Khoom, for defense technology to shield their Planet from
attacks, not only from the Reptilians, but from their Humanoid Lyrean neighbors and
The Sirians are known throughout the galaxy as merchants of technology. They have the best, even sharing it with the Reptilians, they are The Lords of War. So, the Sirians created a defense mechanism located in the Mars underground plateau.

Mars is a hollow Planet, as are Earth and Jupiter. Planets created with material ejected from a star have hollow interiors. As the molten ball is thrown from the star and starts spinning away, it begins to cool. The centrifugal force of the globe spinning and moving at great speed pushes the molten interior to the sides, forming the crust of the planet.
This, in turn, forces hot gases out of the poles to form openings at both ends. The
molten core and gases that remain get trapped between the hollow interior and the
plates below the crust of the Globe. These are then pushed out periodically in the form
of volcanic activity.
The Nexus Point on any such Globe is always at the 19th parallel of the Planet. It is
evident on Earth by the Hawaiian volcanoes, located at the 19th parallel; by the Mounds
of volcanoes on Mars located at the 19th parallel; and at the red spot on Jupiter, also at
the 19th parallel.
The geometry built into the monuments on Mars by the Sirians and Lyraen colonists
explains the 19th parallel through its geometric equations and measurements. This
geometry is also replicated and contained within the Giza Plateau in Egypt.
If one is still clueless to why structures like Giza and Cydonia are at tetrahedral latitudes
I will offer this. By modulating (adjusting) the spin rate of Planets at tetrahedral hand
holds, planetary spins come into phase with zodiac spin. This self similar spin relation
prevents implosive collapses which is critical to stabilizing gravity and therefore the
The Reptilian agenda was, and is, to seek out the human refugees for assimilation, and to use their energy, sometimes plasmic, and hormones for sustenance.
These are Ophanim and Seraphim, which are winged Dracos, Ciakar, or Fiery
Cherubim. If something is originally responsible for this, whoever placed the Draco in
our galactic sector knew that the humanoid remnant would need an aggressive parasite
to trigger their development. Further the result of the part humanoid part Draco
bloodline called in code “URu with Ibi”. Many such as Lawrence Gardner and Michael
Tsarion are found defending this Draco family root. This is related to AN or the Celtic
Druids the British RH negative blood.
The Reptilian Draco blood which was originally Enki’s who is also called in Hebrew
“RA or abRAham meaning Father RA from the tribe of HAM, cross bred with the Cro-
Magnon creating DNA less vital than the indigenous “Rhesus” monkey blood. So the
Reptilians had to keep in-breeding, as in Holy Blood Holy Grail. There are few areas in
the UK where this RHESUS Monkey blood is absent. RH negative may lead the world
in lack of compassion. E-liz-a beth meaning from Lizard born, breeds a line where no
permission to cry produces a stiff upper lip and a nasty little accent.
The remnant Humaniod Lyraens who colonized other Planets formed an Alliance
against the constant Reptilian attacks. They called this Alliance the Galactic Federation,
comprised of 110 different colonies. The colonies belonging to the Federation wished to
maintain their new identities, and no longer associate with the old way. Together, the
Federation colonists managed to repel the Reptilian attacks.
There were three primary groups who did not join the Federation. These three groups were considered extremists, or nationalistic idealists, seeking to recreate the glory of the old Lyraen civilization. One group was the Atlans, located on a Pleiadian Planet. The Pleiades actually consists of thirty-two Planets orbiting seven stars. At that time there were sixteen of these different colonies of Lyraen descent throughout the Pleiades.
Because of their indignant supremist attitudes these colonies all wanted to oust the
Atlans. The Atlans continued to remain independent and did not assist their human
cousins just as Texas proclaims itself the “Lone Star” state and helps no other states with the vast resources located there.
The other two groups were the Martians and Maldekians, who were already at odds with each other. For this reason, seeing these two Humanoid Planets competing, the
Reptilians turned their attention toward this solar system. In the Reptilians estimation,
it would be easy to divide and conquer. The Reptilians love to use comets and asteroids as weapons and ships. They use them to travel through the stars. First, they create a small black hole as a propulsion system that pulls the asteroid towards the intended destination. When used as a weapon, they use a particle beam accelerator to create a blast that hurls the comet or asteroid towards the target. All of this technology was obtained from the Beings on Sirius A.
In this way, they hurled a huge ice comet at Mars and Maldek. The Reptilians, not being very technologically oriented, miscalculated the trajectory. The pull of the gigantic gas Planet, Jupiter, pulled the comet off course. The ice comet then headed directly for
Maldek. The citizens of that Planet asked the Martians for help. Even though they were
at odds with each other, they allowed some of the Maldekians to move to the Martian
underground. The comet destroyed Maldek. This caused the remnants of the Planet to
leave an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
The explosion also pushed large fragments of the ice comet close enough to Mars to rip the atmosphere off the Planet, leaving only an extremely thin atmosphere. The
explosion also pulled Mars further away from the Sun.

The comet then continued toward the Earth. The heat of the Sun and the gravitational pull between the two globes forced the watery atmosphere of the Earth to polarize. This polarization pulled most of the ice from the comet to the polar regions of the Earth, thus covering most openings to the inner Earth, while at the same time exposing huge land masses for the first time.
The comet then switched places with Earth, taking up the second orbit from the Sun, becoming the Planet now known as Venus. This event has stricken most indigenous tribes with embedded fear and awe of Venus. The heat of the Sun melted the ice on the comet, creating a cloudy covering to this new Planet which was first a hollowed out asteroid. The Earth was pushed out to the third orbit occupying the previous position held by Mars. The Earth was then in a perfect position to be colonized. Most Amphibians that survived were transported to Neptune. Some stayed in the newly
formed oceans.
The Reptilians who were inside the hollow comet, now Venus, came to the surface of this new world. They built seven domed cities, one for each of the seven groups in the
hierarchy. In the mid-1980s one of New York’s daily papers, Newsday, reported that a
Soviet space probe penetrated the cloud layer of Venus and photographed seven white
domes the size of small cities, all in a row.
The Reptilians then drove a large, hollowed out object into Earth’s orbit to begin the
colonization process. This object is now called the Moon. The Moon is the only known
object in space that does not spin on its axis. The Moon faces the Earth in the same
position all of the time, leaving one side in complete darkness thus a person with a
telescope can never see what is on the other side. A sonic resonance sent to the surface
of the Moon makes a pinging noise like a hollow object. If the Moon were solid, the
noise would sound like a thump or thud. The Moon is hollow. A recent article in an
astronomy magazine said that the Moon was being reclassified because it is considered to be hollow.
The Reptilians also chose a large continental landmass to begin their civilization on the Earth, this is now referred to as Lemuria or Mu. This was a vast area in what is now the Pacific Basin, extending from Japan to Australia, and from the coast of California to
Peru. The Hawaiian Islands are in the middle of this one-time landmass.
Here, an androgynous Reptilian culture developed. They brought with them the
dinosaurs and all Beings created beneath them such as animals and plants that are a
reflection of the mind-pattern from various worlds already invaded. Reptilians and
Humans are not designed to coexist on the same Planet in peace.
Additionally, the thinking process of the Reptilians differs from the human thinking
process. Because Reptilians do not evolve rapidly and remain unchanging, their
expansion is also slow moving and insidious. It would take several millennia for the
Reptilians to decide whether or not they would even coexist with humans. After all,
Earth was still an outpost far from the centre of the Draconian Empire.
In the meantime, the Martians were now living underground with their hostile
Maldekian guests. Something had to be done quickly to prevent them from destroying
one another. So, the Martians petitioned the Galactic Federation to remove the
Maldekian refugees to another Planet. The Galactic Federation had also received a
petition from the Pleiadian Council asking the Federation to remove the Atlans from
their star cluster.
The Federation thusly decided to use the Atlans first as a counterbalance on Earth. If the Atlans survived, the Maldekians would also be sent next, this was the only solution to a complex problem. The Humanoid Lyraen descendants were literally throwing their own riffraff, the Atlans, to the Reptilian colonists on Earth, however, the Atlans of whom came the Titans were not necessary afraid of the Reptilians. In this way, the Federation would get rid of their undesirables. The Atlans would occupy the attention of the Reptilians. This would give the Federation valuable time to build their own forces against the Reptilians who they assumed would eventually attempt to take over the complete system.
When the Atlans arrived on the Earth, they colonized what became known as Atlantis. Their continent stretched from what is now the Caribbean Basin to the Azores and Canary Islands, as well as several small island chains reaching up to what is now the East Coast of the United States.
The industrious Atlanteans rapidly grew to a large, prospering civilization needing more territory. The dinosaur population was rapidly increasing and becoming dangerous to the human colonists. The Atlanteans began destroying the dinosaurs to protect
themselves, this is often recorded in legends as Dragon Slayers. This did not sit well with
the Reptilians who where more advanced than the Dinosaurs but still shared traits and
blood. Major battles occurred on the Earth between the Lemurian Reptilians and
Atlantean humans.
Wanting to solve the problem as soon as possible the Federation then sent the
Maldekian refugees to Earth. They to, created a large human colony in what is now the
Gobi desert, northern India, Sumer, and other parts of Asia.
The Maldekians when in position attacked the Moons Lunar surface where the
Reptilians guarded the Earth outpost from invasion. The Maldekians also bombarded
Atlantis and Lemuria with laser weapons. The dinosaurs were wiped out. The
Maldekians wanted control over the Planet.
Additionally, the Martians seeing an opportunity, also attacked the Reptilians from
space since they, too, were searching for a Reptilian-free environment in which to live.
This might be considered the real First World War of the Worlds.
It was a mess!
The Sirians were at war with the Orion system. This hostility exists till this very
day, however, the Sirians and the Reptilians trade with each other and the Beings
from Sirius A sell weaponry to the Dracos! A complex political situation indeed
but not unlike what We witness here on Earth with countries like the U.S.
funding Nazi Germany. As above, so below.
The comet also caused the planet Uranus to flip on its side. It is the only known
planet that rotates north-South instead of East-West. The loss of the Martian
atmosphere caused by Draco’s playing billiards with asteroids became the “Total
Recall” legend, a movie about Martian history and their oxygen war.
To stop the fighting and make the Earth peaceful enough for continued progress, a
meeting was held by a council from the Andromeda Galaxy, on a Planet called Hatona.
This meeting took place outside of the Milky Way Galaxy with a neutral council. All
civilizations within the Milky Way Galaxy were in some way connected to the fighting,
and all had some sort of stake in belonging to the winning side.
The Hatona Council convened for many decades as the fighting continued in this solar
system. Finally, an agreement was reached between some of the human factions and the Reptilian Earth colonists. Keep in mind that this agreement was without the
participation of the Reptilians from the original Draco Empire thus these Reptilians had
no permission from High Command and where acting solely on their own conniving
The agreement stated that a new breed of humanity should be created on Earth that
would contain the DNA of all interested parties who participated in the “peace” process.
A designated area on Earth would be set aside for the creation of this new species. The
Earth-based Reptilians of Lemuria agreed to this under the condition that the Reptilian
“body” be the foundation for this new being. It is of value to note here the body and the
soul are somewhat separate. The soul itself cannot be created. The knowledge of how to
do so forever remains in the hands of the Most High and eludes all species who have
searched for how to create what they call “The God Particle”.
This is why the original Bible states, “Let us make man in our own image.” This is a
plural statement because it was a group project.
To achieve a new species from the basis of a Reptilian androgynous body, it was
necessary to separate the genetics into male and female components. This is the
allegorical story in the Bible of Adam and Eve. Creating Eve out of the rib of Adam is
actually the story of separating the androgynous Reptilian body into male and female.
This is why most humans on this planet have Reptilian DNA with Reptilian traits. This
is also why human fetuses go through Reptilian-style development in the womb before
looking humanoid.
Many prototypes were developed over millennia. Under the supervision of the Hatona
Council, races were created and then destroyed when it was not acceptable by all parties.
This explains why ancestors of mankind appear and then suddenly disappear in layers of
archaeological analysis. Or as it says in the movie the Matrix, “We have been successful
at creating 6 previous Matrixes and have become quite efficient at destroying them”.
Why? If you look at Earth the Planet alone as a resourceful galactic commodity it is
obvious at this point that the population increase of the citizens aboard the Planet will
cause desolation on Earth in the near future. Something has to be done. Because of the
mental problems and negative programming that has ensued, many humans cannot be
persuaded to stop killing the Planet for their own selfish gain. This problem is beyond
proportion and also beyond comprehension of those who are “sleep walking”. They feel
they are owed something but have none to collect it from save their own brother, so
thus they prey upon each other. The true Cannibal or Canaan Baal.
Twelve humanoid, and one Reptilian, groups donated DNA for this purpose. Mankind
was developed in the area now known as Iran/Iraq, as well as parts of Africa. Hybrids
were also developed on Atlantis and Lemuria. Remnants of the “previous versions” are
seen today as the Bigfoot or Yeti in North America and Asia; the aborigines of Australia;
and the pygmies and Watusi in Africa.
Many of the African versions were enhanced by beings from a nomadic, artificial Planet
known as Nibiru, or Marduk. These Reptilian-like beings travel in a manufactured
world looping our solar system.
The Sumerians called them Anunnaki.
It is here, we would have to assume, the family of AN, with son’s Enki / Enlil who play
new roles as Lucifer, Michael, and Adonai/Yahweh arrived from Sirius in a
technological craft, with all the genetic disasters of the Nephalim brought about in the
phase called THE RETURN OF ENKI. While people like Sitchin can add useful puzzle
pieces like how their home atmosphere needed repair due to their advent of technology
and how they needed to use Earth’s gold deposits to fix this issue, the Sumerian basically did not give Sitchin a clue as to the bigger galactic politic mess that triggered Enki’s genetic experiments. After repeatedly encountering the Enki/Enlil story in Australia “fish or dolphin god vs snake god or LEVITE/Leviathan”, it was good to listen to Creto Mutwa tell the Zulu KILIMANJARO means ENKI mountain!
The cosmic joke to this project is that all of the groups donating DNA secretly
programmed sequences or triggers to cause their genetic strand to be predominant at
some point in the evolution phase in the project. This set the precedent for future
conflict. Humanity will fight and be controlled by a problem that starts internally and
manifest externally. No one group would ever be in charge. The project would seem
doomed for failure before it even began however there is a hidden plan that only the
wise know of, those who are not partial.
Such DNA programming invites tyranny and oppression. Master Soul personalities
attracted to such a Planet gain a victim mentality. Many advanced cultures call Earth a
prison planet because of its many layers and nets that hold its inhabitants here until
they sharpen themselves and wise up, some dump their criminals here as punishment
and those criminals now serve consecutive life sentences or more simply put,
reincarnation. Such as Richard Dahmer, Charles Manson, Richard Speck, and Vlad the
Impaler (Count Dracula), to name a few.
DUNE was a perfect prototype of a prison colony, like Australia. Earth fits this
archetype also. Like in Dune Earth’s genetic cauldron of survival is the strongest DNA
emerges and becomes a “VACCINE” for the conflict issues that plague multiple
Galaxies. We are built by the design of the present so We may endure eternity.
The current story of the 2 brothers still tossing nuclear bombs at one another, then
called East of Eden, today is called the Middle East. There is nothing new under you
Sun you just keep forgetting. These wars on Earth are a fractal of the Orion Wars, with
the main warring galactic elements all nicely staged to work out a galactic conflict in the
microcosm called Earth.
The galactic players appear to be willing to up the stakes in 2010 with more
“intervention” if their chess pieces start to lose. Enlil or Yahweh, the encoder of the
Bible may not be willing to stand aside as his “chosen” Israel under the hex Draco flag is
destroyed by yet another nuclear blast. This has been predicted by Bible Code, Fatima,
& others.
Only those with “ignited” DNA, not junk DNA, can gain more time travel capability
thus they can defeat such predatory ET’s that are inter-dimensional and outside of time.
These genes which make further time travel possible are the precise jewel that always
elude Yahweh, Enlil’s reptile (Levite) family. They are stuck in THE CUBIC, genetic
software environment of the tetra, the Hebrew alphabet which can only make a golem.
Akhanaton, who is also Enki, took the gold from Egypt, assumed the Moses identity and started the Essenes. Trouble began with the 12 tribes genetic implosion symmetry when the oriental Queen Draco Ashoka Ashkanazi, usurped the Sephartic Sects, installing Enlil’s control in Israel. This also led to the founding of the Bank of England which owns the US banking industry.
The Reptilians ensured that the new Man would be receptive to the Reptilian frequency because the foundational prototype was Reptilian. This meant that the new Man could easily be mentally controlled by them through subtle programming.
Upon discovery of information indicating the Reptilians were controlling the new race
through subversive methods, the Atlanteans began a severe electromagnetic
bombardment of Lemuria. This bombardment caused the bulk of the continent to
submerge into the ocean, now called the Pacific Ocean. The only parts left above the
water are the Hawaiian Islands, the California coast west of the San Andreas fault,
Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific Islands, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and
the Islands of southeast Asia.
The Reptilian survivors went to Northern India, the Earth’s interior, Venus, and parts
of Central and South America. Inner Earth became the “homeland” for most of the
surviving Reptilians of Lemuria. Here, they created a vast underground civilization with
cavern systems extending all around the world. Keep in mind; Reptilians are by nature a
subterranean species even in the wild they make their homes in holes burrowing within
the Earth. The worm that will not die.
This started the legends of hell and demons living in the fire inside or under the Earth,
your average “hell” story since many perceived the center of the Earth to be entirely lava and magma all the way to the core, this was proven not to be true in multiple scientific experiments. Remember, the hollow Earth is not a theory, but a scientific fact caused by the cooling and spinning of a Planet as it is ejected from a star or sun.
They built tubes containing fast, subway-like vehicles that can travel to the farthest
points on Earth within a couple of hours. They created the famed underworld cities of
Akkadia, Agartha, Hyperborea, and Shamballa that are sought by explorers to this very
day. These cities are built along the inside wall of the inner crust that lines the interior
of the Earth.
Remember, the hollow Earth is not a theory, but a scientific fact caused by the cooling
and spinning of a planet as it is ejected from a star or sun.
The primary entry points to the inner Earth are via the North Pole, where there is an
opening of 1300 miles, and the South Pole, with an opening of 950 miles. These can be
seen from space. That is why commercial aircraft are not allowed to fly over these areas;
not because of magnetic disturbances, which is the “official” reason. Admiral Byrd
reported on these openings in the 1920s until his information was concealed by the
government as his surviving daughter profusely fought against.
At the very centre, or nucleus, of inner Earth, there is a globe of energy left over from
the creation of this planet that acts as an Inner Sun. It is the light from this object
suspended by gravity and centrifugal force that causes the light of the aurora borealis.
Numerous cave entrances to the inner Earth exist in the Rocky Mountains and Sierra
Mountains in the western United States, as well as less numerous openings in the
“Oz”arks and Appalachian Mountains. Entries also exist in the Alps, Himalayas, Andes,
and the Caribbean. There are also numerous sub-oceanic entry points, particularly in
the deep trenches of the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic submarine
mountain ranges especially on or near the Azores, Canary Islands, and the Falklands.
All of these areas are closely guarded by local governments and N.W.O. Elite Forces.
Artificially created entrances exist under the Denver Airport, the Giza Plateau in Egypt, most major Air Force complexes around the world, and many of the Temples in India and China. A major Chinese entry point is under the Shensi Pyramid that is banned and out of bounds for everyone in Western China.
With the Reptilians forced underground the Atlanteans were free to play with this new mankind and establish humans as the ruler of the Planet. They established colonies all over the remaining portions of land. They invited the Sirians to come and play with
them in Egypt. The Annunaki Beings where off-world in orbit due for a scheduled
return but in the mean time the Atlanteans took control of their slaves. They also
continued their experiment on sentient life forms and created new hybrids that moved
about the sea, one of which became the Merfolk, a genetic blend of human and dolphin.
The dolphin species was brought here from the Andromeda Galaxy to monitor all of
these events and send back reports via sonar which covers the far reaches of space.
Whenever the Atlanteans detected underground Reptilian activity, they blasted the
inner Earth with lasers and electromagnetic pulses to kill them. Unfortunately, this
weakened the upper crust of the Earths top mantle riding over the trapped magma
between the upper and lower crusts. After several millennia of these attacks, the
continents, especially Atlantis, started to become unstable. Their civilization began to
break up which was a reflection of the physical deterioration of their continent. The
Atlanteans became even more belligerent as fear and destruction overtook their mind-
patterns. Black magicians and sorcerers took the place of organic scientists and spiritual
Fortunately, there was some warning of the fate of Atlantis so the population foresaw
the destruction that was coming. Many refugees relocated to what is now Egypt, Peru,
the Appalachian Mountains and Western Europe, just before the continent collapsed
into the upper crust of the Earth. This collapse caused the Earth to flip on its axis,
creating the legend of the Flood written about in the Bible, and in other world cultures.
In the disarray of this catastrophe off-world intervention immediately began reorganizing the humans into new groups that became the basis for the future nations.
• The Sirians began to manipulate the Egyptian culture.
• Those from Tau Ceti manipulated the Slavic culture
• The Rigelians were busy in China and the Orient socializing the
people there.
While all this was transpiring, and the Earth was in a state of array, the Reptilians saw an opportunity and they took it.
The Blue Bloods
The inner Earth provided a subterranean locale for the Reptilians to regroup and
formulate plans to retake the surface. At this point, the Reptilians were completely cut
off from their home in the Draco constellation. Their spaceship, the Moon, was in
human hands. They were alone, isolated on a now hostile planet. They needed to
defend themselves and somehow emerge back on the scene to gather the necessary
resources to restore their link and re-construct hyper-dimensional portals that had been
They developed a plan to insidiously retake the surface by blending their genetics with the genetics of the surface humans. Because the human prototype already had
Reptilian genetics, it was easy to access the mind-pattern. The Reptilian frequency was
already established in the brain stem as well as the Reptilian brain section of these
hybrid humans.
The population of Sumer was chosen as the starting point. These humans were
primarily descendants of the Martian, Maldekian, and Lyraen refugees. They abducted
members of their ruling classes, including political leaders replacing many of them
eventually with humans who were hybrids.
The new hybridization program took several generations to perfect. Their goal was to
reach a human with a Reptilian genetic 50/50 split. This would produce a human-
looking Reptilian that could easily shapeshift from Reptilian to human, then back
again. Shapeshifting was accomplished simply by concentrating on the genetics the
hybrid wished to open, or lock up, whatever the case may be.
For this program the Reptilians engaged the help of the Sirians who had the technology to implement such a program. The Sirians knew a lot about genetic alterations and mind-programming, which they freely shared with the Reptilians when a pact between the two parties was arranged.
Once the hybridization program was complete, the Sumerian leaders were now shape- shifting Reptilians. The new Reptilian hybrid became the Elite of that culture. Their blood, because of the increased Reptilian DNA, contained more of a copper content.
Since copper-based blood turns blue-green upon oxidizing, these Reptilian hybrids were
called “Bluebloods”.
American government is the current main focus of the Reptilian shape-shifters. Your attention is drawn to the vertical slit eyeballs which shape shift in too many US military leaders – Norman Russbacher, Rupert Murdock, etc. Pictures are at youtube.com. We suggested new rules requiring all government decisions and voting must take place in 20% oxygen air, to kill the shape-shifters, of course they will never agree to this.
The Bluebloods quickly realized that with a 50/50 human/Reptilian genetic split, it was necessary to intermarry to maintain the 50/50 bloodline necessary to shapeshift. When the split increased too far to the Reptilian side, shape-shifting became difficult, and holding human form became impossible. In these cases, it was discovered that the
ingestion of human hormones, flesh, and blood, allowed the Reptilians to maintain the
human form.
Human form was necessary to maintain to avoid scaring the population, which was
now not accustomed to the Reptilian form.
Control of the masses was easier when the orderscame from a humanoid. The
Reptilian format was kept to religious icons and legends. The statues of their Gods and
Goddesses reflect the Reptilian influence, even showing a female Reptilians holding
hybrid babies.
The shape-shifting Reptilian Bluebloods also asked the Sirians for help with the daily
maintenance of their human forms. The Sirians determined that feeding the hybrids
human hormones and blood in an altered animal form would be the easiest way to do
it unnoticed by the population.
The sacrificial animal used by most Middle Eastern people was the wild boar, so the
Sirians chose it as the basis for this new animal hybrid. Human genetics were mixed
with those of the wild boar to create the domesticated pig. This animal was served daily
to the Bluebloods as a method of temporarily maintaining their human form until they
could use an actual human in a sacrificial ceremony.
Because the domesticated pig is a combination of human and animal genetics, eating it is a form of cannibalism. This explains why the Hebrews considered it unclean to eat. This is also why the pig is considered to be one of the most intelligent animals on
Earth, why pig skin can be grafted directly onto humans in burn cases, and why pig
heart valves can be used in humans with little difficulty. Cancer drugs and other
chemicals are often tested on pigs before humans.
The domesticated pigs frequency, or group mind, is the perfect vehicle for animal
species to enter before entering human form on their evolutionary progression. To a
lesser degree, the same is true about cats.
As time progressed, the civilization of Sumer declined and transformed into other
cultures. Vast migrations from Sumer to other locations in Central Asia occurred. The
migrating peoples took their Blueblood leaders with them, as they were their royalty
and kings.
The Sumerians became known as the sum-Aryans, or just, Aryans. They spread out
across Asia into the steppes of Russia and into the Northern Indian subcontinent. In
India they encountered the dark-skinned Dravidians, who were Reptilian remnants
from Lemuria. The Dravidians were driven to the central and southern parts of India,
while the Aryan hybrids took control of the north, and into the foothills of the
The Aryan leaders, all Bluebloods, became the Sultans and Rajas, the Blue People of
legend and history. Sumerians also created Babylonia.
The Sumerians migrated to the area known as the Caucasus Region, where the Khazars developed. From the Caucasus Region, the Blueblood kings and their people spread west toward Europe, developing into the Franks, Cambrians, and Teutonic
nationalities. These nationalities were also being manipulated by various alien cultures
like the Antarians, Arcturians, Aldebarans, Tau Cetians, and other remnants of the
Lyraens, such as the Atlans. The Atlans located here eventually became the Celts also
called Druids.
To back-track for just a bit, I had said in a previous chapter that the descendants of the Reptilian hybrid Sumerians went into Central Asia and the Middle East. They mostly
established themselves in the Caucasus Mountains and became the Khazars. From here,
they spread west toward Europe, seeding the national identities for the Vikings, the
Franks, the Teutonic peoples, and the Russians. Keep in mind that when Atlantis sank,
some of those refugees went to Western Europe and developed into the Celts. Some
went to Greece and others to the Italian Peninsula.
Some off world Beings from other constellations also seeded small populations of
people thus embedding them with cultures and ways of life that corresponded to their
particular Planets. As integration and colonization continued Earth became a large
melting pot of various essences all fused inside the human cells.
These Blueblood leaders also infiltrated the Middle Eastern peoples, such as the
Biblical Canaanites, Malachites, and Kittites.
At the same time in Egypt, the Sirians were reorganizing the Atlantean descendants
there, known as the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians colonized the coastal Middle East
and the British Isles. They even colonized parts of the North-eastern North American
continent, all the way to the Great Lakes area. Some of their mines and writing on
stone tablets can still be found in the woods of North America.
The Sirians were also genetically manipulating the race known as the ancient Hebrews.
The Jewish people are actually a combination of these genetically manipulated Hebrews
and the Sumerians. These Jewish people were then released into the Palestinian
territory. The name, Palestine, comes from the ancient people, the Philistines, who
were actually Phoenicians.
All of these mixed in the coastal plains of Palestine and created a new religion based on sacrifice and an avenging alien controller, that they called God, or Elohim.
Similarly, when the Aryans mixed with the Dravidians in India, they created the Hindu
religion, which is actually a recreation of the Reptilian seven-tier hierarchy. Shiva, the
Hindu Satan was a God believed in an worshipped by these people who set themselves
up in Harrapan called also Arrapan. The caste system of India is a direct copy of the
Reptilian division of function.
At the same time that all of this was going on in western and central Asia, the
Rigelians, were developing the remnants of Lemuria who escaped to the coast of eastern
Asia. The Rigelians were a human civilization that was controlled, and eventually
assimilated, by the Reptilians. The Rigelian/Reptilian hybrids set up dynasties in what
is now Japan and China that developed independently of their western cousins.
In their mania for control, the Reptilians used the various races that donated DNA to
the original human project. They fastidiously monitored these related sections of
hybrids to determine which was best suited for overall control, and which for
subservience. Most of the hybrids could be controlled through the Reptilian brain that
hooked them into Reptilian mind-patterns, some were more controllable than others,
an still small groups could not be controlled at all.
In Europe, the Bluebloods insidiously took control of the various tribes and groups,
becoming their kings and royalty. They infiltrated the Arcturian experiment, called the
Etruscans and started to create a new global empire through the Romans. These
European Bluebloods then eliminated the Antarian experiment in Greece leaving only
fragments. They then instigated their plan for globalization through the Roman
The Reptilians even ignored parts of the treaty with the Sirians by infiltrating the
Egyptian experiment and implementing their religion there.
The Reptilian hybrids became like the endometriosis of the known world, slowly
growing into all areas and creating control through the Blueblood system.
The Reptilians were not the first colonists on Earth, they were not the only ones who
interfered with human development on this planet. In all there are twelve other groups
involved with the manipulation of the human DNA. This is hidden in the allegory of
Zodiac, Disciples, Months, etc.
When adding the Reptilians to the twelve groups, it results in human beings with a
genetic mixture of 13 different strains. This is the hidden 13th tribe and much of the
significance behind the number 13.
The result was a general free-for-all. All these humanoid aliens were culturally and
physically manipulated by different groups.
Tau Ceti/humans were virulently against the grey alien race and the Reptilians, because their worlds had been attacked, and their children stolen and killed by both races. The Tau Cetians vowed to follow the grey race and destroy them through time.
In the 1950s, the Soviet Union signed an agreement with the Tau Cetians to use bases
in Siberia and under the Ural Mountains. For this reason, the city of Sverdlovsk,
named after the first president of the Soviet Union, was closed to outsiders.
Many experiments involving radiation on the public were performed here from 1958
through the 1980s. A United States spy plane was shot down over Sverdlovsk in the
early 1960s when the United States was trying to learn about the secret activities taking place there.
In central Europe, the German tribes were genetically manipulated by beings from
Aldebaran. These people are very scientifically-oriented. They are generally blonde-
haired and blue-eyed, with a minority of dark-haired, light-brown to hazel-eyed people.
They are militaristic supremacist. For almost 2,000 years, the Aldebarans have been
energetically connecting to the Germanic peoples, telepathically sending information to
them instructing tight knit groups on what to prepare for in the future. They make up
the Neo Nazi party formulated to bring about Homo-Luminous or what they call the
Light Human, Illuminated, Super Human.
Many humans of the Aldebaran frequency have mixed with the Tau Ceti descendants in the Slavic area, particularly in Poland and Russia. Hitler knew this. That is why he was so adamant about invading those countries and incorporating them into his empire.
Hitler was only half Germanic. His father was a wealthy Jewish businessman in Austria. His mother worked at the home as a maid. She had an affair with the master of the house, and when the wife found out about it, she had the maid, Hitler’s mother,
thrown out. This Jewish businessman in turn did nothing to help Hitler’s mother. For
this reason, Hitler hated the Jews. He was also deeply mind-controlled.
The Aldebarans genetically infused the Vikings. These Nordic people inherited the
aggressive and militaristic tendencies that are also seen in the Germans. The Vikings
plundered and raped across Europe for centuries, but did not have the technological
ability to stay in power.
Beings from the Antarian star system were behind the genetic manipulation of ancient
Greece. These people were a society predominantly based upon homosexuality. Females
were used for breeding only. In fact, there were Antarian observers at the Montauk
Project who were interested in the programming aspects of sexuality as they related to
the Wilhelm Reich methods.
The Antarians are dark, often with olive skin, dark eyes, and short, thin bodies. They
have perfect musculature due to the density of their home-world.
The Greek-Antarians colonized Spain and Portugal. Their descendants further mixed
with the Romans, and Arabs who are predominantly Sumerian/Reptilian. These then
colonized Central and South America, mixing their genetics with the native Indians
who were of Atlantean-Procyon descent.
The Procyon star system does not have much technology. The Procyons were brought
to this planet after the fall of Atlantis to boost the survival rate of the refugees. They
became the Maya, Aztec, and Inca. They were given ancient Lemurian and Atlantean
outposts in the Andes and Sierras of Mexico. They tried unsuccessfully to recreate these
cultures, including emulating the building of the pyramids, performing medical
procedures, and finally, sacrificing to the Reptilian gods. This is why their legends
speak of blond men returning in chariots from space to take them away.
The Anasazi Indians of the American southwest were also brought from Procyon. It
was the Sirians who so generously provided transportation. Over the millennia and
recent centuries, movements of nations, colonizations, war, and famines, have thrown
the Earth’s population into a giant melting pot. Strands of genetics have continuously
mixed with one another, especially in North America, Europe, Australia, the
Caribbean, and South America.
While all of this was going on in Europe and the Middle East, the Chinese Empire was expanding over East Asia, and the Dravidian-Reptilian culture in India was being
replaced by the Aryan (Ari- and Sum-Arian) hordes from Central Asia. In South
America, the Inca Empire was flourishing as it was mixed with the genetics of the
Procyon star system and thus many initiations have been taking place in locations like
Peru without the notice of the masses much preparation is taken place for what will
happen when the stars align.
The same mixture was happening in North and Central America creating the Toltecs,
Mayans, and Aztecs. All of these cultures, used blood-ritual and human sacrifice. This
indicates that the Procyonians were themselves conquered by the Reptilians and did
their bidding, even though they were humanoid. All of the Central and South
American cultures used snakes and Reptilians as symbols.
These people have a blend of Lemurian/Draco and Atlantean/Human genetics mixed
with the Procyonian DNA. Basically if they are not mentally strong, they are easily
persuaded to partake in Reptilian fimctions.
The Program
The new era is now at hand. Most of the humans are so mixed up and confused they are flat out not functioning. Chakras are powered down and the brain is operating at less than 10% for most. At times they glimpse reality but in the same moment they fall back into the illusion. This is like being heavily sedated by a passivity drug such as
continuous doses of Fluoride. These documents are the last warnings to the Human
Race. Collective humanity has already ascended far beyond this destructive cycle and
this what you are experiencing in your “primary reality” is a stasis point or Nexus
ribbon folded upon itself. One is encouraged to take the knowledge and resources that
have been provided and use them to enhance individual awareness until you awaken.
The Matrix is scheduled to close for repairs soon. When it resumes, those that find
themselves still in it will know nothing of their past. Every version of the Matrix
attempts to get better at keeping its inhabitants from waking up, seize this moment
while you can!
It is at that point you will figure out how you connect into all of this. One should keep in mind, thousands perish every day. The only thing that makes you special is when you decide to become special. That can be accomplished by extending your capability and intelligence as far as you can beyond your immediate peers. We have now made you aware of what is going on here on Tiamat/Earth and as it is not Our custom to introduce any problem without a solution you may refer to the site  ww.thewords.ning.com to begin rapid brain maintenance and repair. I have
discovered since my awakening many things that will assist you along the way. I share
that openly with you as brothers and sisters for free.
Please stay tuned for my next post which will consist of DNA aligning frequencies and a crystal compound that will rejuvenate the bodies. We are here for you, Outside of
Time. Sevan- Arch Chariot


Reptilian plan to convert & transform the Milky Way galaxy and all genetically human planets –to reptilian ones

Copyright 2012.
Tolec and the Andromeda Council.

The ‘bigger galactic picture’ of why the Reptilians have been here on Earth, and on
twenty (20) other planets, two (2) of which are very much like Earth.
Introduction. Most of you will remember that there were two (2) primary reasons that the Andromeda Council made a conscious decision to step in and intervene on behalf of the people of Earth.
For those of you who are not familiar with this material

The meeting by the Andromeda Council to intervene. Years ago, before this recent war in space began for the freedom of Earth & her people against the Draco & Hydra Reptilians, and their Orion Grey alliance partners… and keep in mind this “War out in Space” just beyond Earth space, ended around late January – early February 2011; An intervention was decided on by the Andromeda Council and a war was begun to free the people of Earth. Why? Because there was a very serious meeting held by the Andromeda Council because they had become aware of an event down the ‘timeline’ somewhere around 360+ years in the future that IF ALLOWED TO HAPPEN would have had – major – big time – catastrophic consequences for many people on many planets in the Milky Way galaxy.

The other reason they decided to intervene was that they knew Earth, and people of Earth were coming into a time in the near future, now, a time of transition,  ransformation & evolution into becoming a 4th dimensional world, and consequently 4th dimensional people. And, that Earth people deserved to do this as free & sovereign people as in NOT being subversively dominated, manipulated, abused, controlled, used as a slave work force, emotionally traumatized, and influenced at the highest levels of power, government & society; raped, taken & eaten as a natural resource, scientific & genetics experiments done on us and the list goes on and on.
The Andromeda Council, after some deliberation, decided Earth people deserved an opportunity to make it on their own… and not to be interfered or messed with after thousands of years of manipulation, control and unaware enslavement.

The Council members weren’t initially completely convinced to take action on Earth’s behalf but not taking action could certainly have had long reaching effects on the  ndromeda Galaxy. But why? This is what I wanted to know.
So, what was this catastrophic matter really all about? Now, please keep in mind, I want
you to remember this, each galaxy is divided into quadrants, sectors if you will. And
there are MANY inhabited worlds in each galaxy:
Copyright 2012.
Tolec and the Andromeda Council.
Milky Way Galaxy 15 quadrants 


Andromeda Galaxy 28 quadrants

Milkyway Galaxy & Andromedan Galaxy


So, I asked my Andromeda Council contacts what they had learned was this all about? what Well, as many people may or may not know, they looked back down the time line to the location of the origin of the places & activities that lead to this catastrophic event – and they found that it lead them back to this solar system, and specifically to: Earth, Mars and the Moon.

Pyramids On Earth

Pyramids On Mars

Pyramids on the Moon

And what they told me about, and showed me, is that there is a matching alignment of pyramids on each of these celestial bodies, Earth, the Moon, and Mars. And that the Reptilians have been using these pyramids for years now as a Reptilian-specific, attenuated, modulated, frequency, and as a triangulated beacon from these three celestial bodies (Earth Moon Mars) to lower and to keep down the vibration, the frequency of this area of space, this ‘frontier border’ spiral arm location in the Milky Way galaxy; and to slowly change over time the frequency of this planet, Earth, and the DNA of the humans on this planet to Reptilian DNA to genetically alter humans to be reptilians. Earth, a planet with almost 7 billion humans.
So we are talking about 2 things here: an attempted global planetary change of: Earth’s own frequency and of the DNA of humans on Earth. Now keep in mind, Reptilians are master geneticists. They’ve been at this for millions of years, they’re very good at it. Also keep in mind, these Draco & Hydra Reptilians are doing this, and have done this, by frequency & genetics, altered and conquered many other galaxies, star systems & worlds. Why: they are taught, and they feel, that the Universe is theirs to dominate and control. That they are the rightful masters of the Universe, a very arrogant & self absorbed concept.

And to point out what may or may not be obvious . the bigger question that kept bugging me is why? Why would the Reptilians do this besides the obvious. Control of planets & resources. And I’m asking myself, and my Andromeda Council contacts, what is the bigger picture here. As a long time operations guy in much of my business career I’m thinking what is REALLY going on here? There has to be something bigger going on. There was.
Copyright 2012.
Tolec and the Andromeda Council.
Think two (2) words: conversion and transformation.
I learned in this recent, extensive conversation with my Andromeda Council contacts about this topic, I asked why, why was the Andromeda Council intervention so critical? And their answer was that – the Reptilians using their Reptilian energy, frequency specific technologies they’ve been working for years to create a Reptilian energy frequency web/grid around the whole Milky Way galaxy, to change the frequency of human DNA, not only on planet Earth, but on each HUMAN planet in the Milky Way Galaxy to be thoroughly Reptilian. A complete transformation & conversion of each human planet.
As a visual example, think of a segmented, or sectioned off, fishing net over the top of the Milky Way galaxy segmented into different strategic nodes. This is kind of what it looked like, this is what they also showed me. My Andromeda Council contacts also showed me a concentration of green glowing energy out in space as triangulated above the Earth, Moon & Mars collectively as just one of the nodes of a massive, energetic – Reptilian frequency tuned for illustrative purposes only web spread across the whole Milky Way galaxy.
The catastrophic event 360+ years in the future would have been – IF the Reptilians actions of attempting to change Earth planetary wide frequency, and human DNA, were allowed to continue. based on their goals, 360+ years in the future, there would have been a simultaneous event where, to use a metaphor, a number of Reptilian specific, low level frequency, energetic ‘tumblers in a lock’ all syncing up together at the same time would have at that moment converted the whole Milky Way Galaxy & transformed everything & everyone to a Reptilian vibrational frequency & a Reptilian DNA pattern. If you ‘connect the dots’ and try to look the bigger picture – this issue is not just about Earth, and the twenty (20) other planets that have already been Reptilian occupied & subversively controlled for years, with two (2) other Class M planets just like Earth without all of the diversity that we have; And given what I’ve learned over time – since the Reptilians already feel like they are the dominant species, that the universe is theirs to do with as they please, that they have the right to control & consume everything since they don’t value other life forms except as usable or consumable resources they are vicious & cruel beyound belief, they kill without thought, and us they consider us to be just like cows to be eaten as a natural resource, and worse, they’ve already converted and conquered other galaxies & people; So, please understand, the Reptilians have had a very long term strategic plan in place for years to change, convert and transform all human planets in the Milky Way galaxy, by frequency & by genetics to Reptilian ones. I want you to let this sink in this catastrophic event that would have happened it would have been about the wholesale completion of a long term conversion & transformation of the whole Milky Way galaxy all of its habitable worlds to be Reptilian ones. Not cool.
Copyright 2012.
Tolec and the Andromeda Council.
Summary Close.
The people of Earth, and other worlds, have been controlled, manipulated, abused & fed upon. They have lost their freedoms their essential right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness used as worker slaves for years in a system that doesn’t work managed on Earth by cruel, self centered, power hungry, malicious people called the ‘Cabal, Illuminati & ‘Powers that Be” controlled by the Draco & Hydra Reptilians for far too long.
I believe we’re blessed the people of the Andromeda Council, lead by the people from the Procyon star system, decided to step in around 10+ years ago and intervene on our behalf to free the people of Earth. We simply did not have the technology, know how, or higher dimensional capability to fight the Reptilians ourselves, and win.
Ultimately, the Andromeda Council was not going to allow the complete genocide of the various human races in the Milky Way galaxy for the numerous reasons I’ve already
stated, including the fact that: if this were allowed to happen, it could have very well been the Andromeda Galaxy the Reptilians would come after next.
Therefore, the intervention, and the war to free the people of Earth. It couldn’t have come at a better time given the process of evolution we are going through right now in
becoming a higher dimensional world. They are not our saviors. But, I believe we’re
really blessed they did intervene. Now we have a real opportunity to chart our own future, and build new lives without the interference of a malevolent, ruthless, self absorbed, parasitic race like the Draco & Hydra Reptilians.
Copyright 2012.
Tolec and the Andromeda Council.



by James Casbolt


from JamesCasbolt Website

James Casbolt is a former MI6 agent who worked in ‘Black ops’ drug trafficking operations in London between 1995 and 1999. He comes from a line of intelligence people. His grandfather was naval intelligence, his father was MI6 who was also involved in ‘Black ops’ and his uncle was an MI5 officer in Logistics. From Cornwall England, James wishes to make amends for his part in these operations and blow the whistle on the crimes against Humanity that the intelligence agencies are involved in. MI6 and the CIA have cornered the global drugs trade (which is worth at least £500 billion a year, this is more than the global oil trade) and are now bringing the majority of illegal street drugs into America and Britain.

They are using this drug money to fund projects classified ‘Above top secret’ which include the building and maintaining of deep underground military bases (DUMBS). There are now over 4000 of these bases worldwide and the average depth of these bases is four and a quarter miles. Some are shallower and some are deeper. The bases are on average the size of a medium sized city and yes, he says there are aliens in them.

James is connected to ex intelligence people who have worked in these underground bases and on other ET related projects. There are vast numbers of children and adults disappearing around the world and ending up in these underground bases. As a former MI6 Agent that has seen aliens first hand and has inside information that will shock even the most disbelieving person. Every person alive on the planet today needs to be aware of this information for their futures.

What Exactly Was Your Function at MI6 and How Did You Get Involved?

My function at MI-6 was as a drug runner. I worked on covert drug trafficking operations in London and Brighton between 1995 and 1999. I worked with my father Peter Casbolt on national drug runs. My father was also an MI-6 agent. He was involved in much higher level international drug trafficking. He worked with the CIA and mafia in Rome in 1992 bringing cocaine and heroin into this country [Britain].

He also owned a trucking company in Malaga, Spain in the mid 90’s, which was a front for an MI-6 cannabis trafficking operation. Speedboats would come from Morocco to the Costa del sol loaded with cannabis and then be put into the lorries. The lorries would sometimes be loaded with fruit and the drugs would be hidden underneath the fruit.

As well as getting paid by MI-6, my father would be allowed to keep a small amount of the larger international drug shipments. My father and I sold the drugs that ’fell off the back of the lorry’ in this country.

To give you an example of one of the drug operations I was involved in, we met an IRA contact in South London in the mid 90’s. This man (whose identity I cannot reveal) took us to his flat and gave my father and I 4 kilos of cocaine. This flat was his ’office’ which he used for drug business and he didn’t live there. My father and I then delivered the cocaine to another location in North London.

My father was empowered to recruit other agents for the MI-6 drug trafficking and recruited me. However my family’s involvement in the global intelligence community runs much deeper than running drugs for MI-6. Here we get into an even more complicated issue regarding multi-generational MK Ultra type mind control. I come from a line of British intelligence people.

My Grandfather (on my Father‘s side) was naval intelligence, my father’s brother was a MI-5 officer in Logistics, his name is Brian Casbolt. My grandfather was also a high-ranking freemason and the whole family were Mormons.

I have been experiencing abduction type scenarios from at least the age of five. For example, I have seen small grey beings around my bed on many occasions since I was a child. At these times I felt myself ’floating’ upwards but I was paralyzed and could do nothing about it. I have had needle wounds in my arms and many other of the usual abduction type scenarios. I have photographic proof of strange lights and laser beams in my bedroom, faces materializing in front of me, needle puncture wounds on my arms and other things on my website. It turns out however that most of these abductions were military abductions and not extra-terrestrial.

By working with professionals who specialize in de-programming mind control issues and also by working with NSA personnel, I have been able to confirm that these abductions and my working with MI-6 have all been part of a highly classified mind control, cloning and genetic enhancement program known as Project Mannequin.

Project Mannequin was and is being run by the NSA from an underground facility in Peasmore, Berkshire in the UK. I grew up in this area.

 The NSA is using computer-generated life forms which look like the classic Grey alien. These are basically robots that the military create for use in project Mannequin abductions in this country. They are known as PLF’s. PLF stands for programmable life forms. The technology was given to the NSA in human/ET treaties which started back in the 1930’s.

Two malevolent ET races that seem to be important in this are the Zetan greys and Draconian reptilians from the Orion and Draconis Star Systems. NSA personnel who I have spoken to call the greys ’Zetan bio-robots’ as they appear to be some kind of slave race created by and for a reptilian ET race from Draconis.

I cover these beings and the treaties in detail on my website.

Project Mannequin is a program to create genetically enhanced assassins, espionage agents and sleeper agents with PSI/Psychic Abilities. Most people are unaware of their part in the program because of sophisticated memory erasure procedures. The NSA is looking for people of certain bloodlines and these are mainly people of Celtic / Blueblood ( aristocratic) genetics.

People with these genetics have a predisposition to paranormal ability as these cultures have practiced paranormal abilities for generations. Therefore it is in the genetic memory of individuals with these bloodlines. These individuals have an RH-negative blood factor. My father’s mother was a French aristocrat called Vera De Tillard. The De Tillard family goes back to the French royal family of the French revolution. In the 1950’s a bloodline study was started by the NSA based at Harwell laboratories to find these children to be used in project Mannequin. However my family was targeted for mind control before this.

From this study at Harwell labs project mannequin was then started by the NSA in 1972 at the underground facility in Peasmore. This base also has entrances at Aldermaston and Greenham common. My first memories of my involvement with the project were of being escorted down tunnels at the age of 5 by military personnel.

I have since found out these were openings to the underground network in Greenham common. How I got there I do not remember yet. I have witnessed scenes so terrifying in these facilities that I cannot even begin to talk about them in a public interview. These included being shown non-human entities and caged humans. Again I do not know if these entities were ET’s or military/NSA genetically created beings.

 Over the years I have regularly been placed in what is known as a ’trip seat’ in underground facilities. A trip seat looks like a dentist’s chair and is used for accelerated learning utilizing drug-assisted hypnosis. There is a large screen in front of the person and images are flashed extremely fast on the screen. The images flash too fast for the eyes to see, however the subconscious mind takes it all in.

You are taught things like how to access PSI ability and briefed on different extra-terrestrial races and their agendas as well as many other things. This information is stored in compartments in my mind that the handlers of the project only had access to. That was until my memories started to come back at the beginning of last year.

With the de-programming efforts I am slowly accessing more and more of this information. The drug that was injected into me on the trip seat is called scopofamine. This is an accelerated learning drug. On one of my AL sessions that included electroshock to the brain, a man was standing at the right hand side of the seat and a guy in a coat was standing at the left side of the chair.

The man on the right said to me,

“If you forget everything I’ve said to you, remember one thing. He will try and convince you pain is pleasure”.

A strange tone started in my head and then the screen in front of me started flashing. I don’t remember anything after that. A man who claims he was a security officer at the Peasmore underground facility has recently come forward and blown the whistle. He has gone public with diagrams of the trip seat and they were identical to the ones I remembered.

I recovered the memories of the trip seat about six months before I was shown these diagrams. As I said I am still remembering the events of project Mannequin and putting the pieces together. This is not easy for me to write about. As I said, I’m being helped by positive factions in the NSA who have provided me with highly classified information on the project as well as microwave technology to regain my memories.

Doctors who specialize in de-programming mind control are helping me also.

We have uncovered at least five programs that have been installed into me that are classified under Greek letters. For example, Alpha, delta, gamma, theta, omega. To give you an example of this, the ’theta’ program is a PSI/telepathic program that enables me to physically see scalar/sound waves. The most important technology the secret services use is scalar/sound wave based.

You can therefore imagine how important this ability would be to an espionage agent. I have photos in my possession of me manipulating scalar waves. It is possible to capture them on digital camera. Other Mannequin programs that have been installed into are known as ’Janus/end-times’ and ’Lone wolf’. Janus is a ’sleeping’ program that activates when major New World order events happen like 9-11 and the plan for coming martial law in America.

Janus is the two headed Roman god of change. I am actually in a race against time to be de-programmed before the events like martial law in start to happen. If I am not de-programmed in time I may be ’used’ by certain factions in the global intelligence community to advance their agenda’s.

Lone wolf is a NSA program that keeps me from reaching out and getting help with mind control issues. The Lone wolf program is very common to Project Mannequin and MK Ultra victims and I know of other people who have had this program installed. I personally know other genetically enhanced men who have had millions of pounds and dollars spent on their procedures.

Some of these men have not even been used yet and are ’on ice’ waiting for the Janus programs to activate. I was recently sent intelligence regarding a nineteen-year-old man who has recently disappeared after breaking his programming. It turns out he has many of the above-mentioned programs installed in him including Lone wolf. Again these men are in a race against time to break free from the mind control.

This is not easy though as when one layer of programming is uncovered another one is usually revealed underneath it. It can take years of work to strip the layers away as so many programs are present. There are also many different types of agents in project Mannequin. For instance you have a Type A and Type B. Type A is a genetically enhanced human designed for combat with espionage capabilities. Type B is designed for espionage with combat capabilities.

I am a Type B. The nineteen year old is a type A.

How heavy is state/intelligence service involvement in the global drug trade?

MI6 and the CIA have cornered the global drugs trade and are now bringing the majority of the street drugs like cannabis, cocaine and heroin into Britain and America. This drug money is being used the feed ’The Octopus’. The Octopus is intelligence speak for the global underground base system which is mainly run by the NSA. There are over 4,000 of these bases in different countries now which have been built and funded with drug money.

The global drugs trade run by MI 6 and the CIA with more than a little help from organized crime elements is worth at least £500 billion a year. This is more than the global oil trade. One of my CIA contacts who I will refer to as ’X1’ was involved in the war involved in the now infamous CIA cocaine trafficking ops at the Mena Arkansas airport.

He has photographs of bricks of cocaine and heroin being taken off Fed Ex planes. He has sent me these and other photos through the post but much of my post is being intercepted and I am not receiving it. We plan on meeting face to face in the future to exchange intelligence. X1 says there was a FBI investigation into the Mena Arkansas drug trafficking in 1995 but the CIA came in and took the investigation over.

He also says that he was taken on board a small jet for a ’friendly ride’. When they were flying over one of the local sites the pilot told X1 to look out of the window. The pilot then banked sharply and X1 hit his head on the window.

He started laughing and said,

“See how people get hurt when they see too much”.

What caused you to leave MI6?

My father was my main contact into MI 6 and when he died I could not carry on in the drug trafficking. I was a very low-level agent and just a ‘gofer’ for my father really. He died in Doncaster prison in 2003 and was serving six months for possession of false passports.

Officially he died of liver failure.

My father was 53 when he died.

What have you discovered since leaving MI6?

I have been able to speak to many people in the global intelligence community since I have left MI 6 and blown the whistle. These men are sick of the New World Order and have approached me because of my website and appearing on different radio shows.

I think the most important information I have learned is the first hand accounts of people who have worked in some of the underground bases and claim to have seen ET’s.

Their stories are on my website.

How has this information been kept secret for so long?

The same people who are involved in the Octopus are controlling most of the mainstream media.

For example in an article I wrote last year called ’MI-6 are the lords of the global trade’ I expose the name of the British intelligence man who was the Telegraph newspapers director in 1986. This man was also the Bank of England director from 1987 to 1995.

The bank of England is a major British intelligence drug money laundering bank.

Do you know of any information pertaining to ‘false flag’ terror (e.g. 9-11 or 7/7)?

I have been de-briefed by a man connected to MI-6 regarding what really happened on 7/7. However I must get the green light from him before I make a public statement about this. I can comment on 9-11 though. As we know there have been reports about controlled demolition of the twin towers and people claiming it was a bunker busting missile and not a plane that hit the pentagon.

 There has been a huge amount of this kind of information in the alternative media and even in the controlled mainstream media. However many people do not know that the missile that hit the pentagon on 9-11, hit the naval intelligence section of the building. This was part of an internal war that is raging in the global intelligence community regarding the ET presence on this planet.

There is a huge amount of in fighting going on and the situation is very complex. There are negative intelligence and shadow government groups like ‘ Aquarius’ and the 33rd degree and above ‘Illuminated’ Masonic degrees such as the Scottish Rite, York Rite, 33rd Degree of Zion and Nigerian Rite. Even these malevolent organizations are fighting with each other over control of the planet.

According to an NSA contact, the NSA deals directly with 118 different ET races known as ‘The Link‘. I have heard rumors in the intelligence community that there is an annual Link meeting at super secret locations on this planet every year and that these meetings have been going for ten years now. I cannot confirm this at the present time. However I can confirm that that there has been a quite campaign in the US and other places in the last 5-10 years for the services of certain ex-military, ex-intelligence and scientists by Link reps.

One of my friends who is a PHD bio-physic claims to have met many Link members and says that many of these ex-military, ex-intelligence people get a third party seat at the annual link meting. I am not sure if Aquarius is present at these meetings but I do know the organization is centered around intelligence organizations such as MI 6 and the CIA.

On the other hand you have you have positive factions in these organizations involved in an internal war. There is a very patriotic group centered around US naval intelligence known as ’Comm 12’. Comm 12 are working with positive ET’s from such places as the Pleiades star system who want to help Humanity but cannot yet land en-masse on the White house lawn for instance.

They are bound by galactic non-intervention laws and cannot disrupt a developing race’s evolution. When the population of a world develop themselves to a certain level of consciousness, the Pleiadians and other benevolent ET races make their presence known on a planetary scale. The missile that hit the naval intelligence section of the Pentagon is an example of the internal war being played out by Aquarius and Comm 12.

Negative government factions are basically causing chaos in the world with false flag terrorism, HAARP engineered earthquakes, laboratory created diseases such as AIDS and Ebola and engineered wars to bring about the official formation of a one world government. It is the Masonic motto ’Order out of chaos’ in our faces.

They create the chaos and bring about a New World Order.

The New World Order is not about money. It is about a covert take over of planet earth by malevolent ET races to enable them to harvest the resources on this planet such as food, slave labour, genetic material and minerals. Government factions that have sold out to the Zetan grey and Draconian reptilian forces, for example, are paving a road to hell for this planet. They are now puppets for their puppet-masters that have promised them certain powers and rewards when the official one world government is in place.

A man called Phil Schneider worked for the UN and had one of the highest security clearances in the world called a ’Rhyolite 38’. He claims he was invited to secret UN meeting in a underground base. Phil said in this meeting the table was set out in the same manner as the UN building in new city but with one main difference. This table had an upper level of seats.

According to Phil the UN members took their seats in the lower level chairs and then Tall grey ET’s walked in, took their seats on the upper level and dictated policy to the UN members. Phil was found dead with a rubber hose wrapped around his neck not long after blowing the whistle. This declared a ’suicide’. Phil was in a wheelchair at this point in his life.

How a man in a wheelchair could strangle himself to death with a rubber hose is beyond me!

What do you know about the shadow government?

My NSA contact ’X5’ who worked at the Los Alamos underground base says there is ET/shadow government hierarchy in the Octopus.

X5 says that the hierarchy is as follows

  1. Sirian Anunnaki and Draconian reptilans – Supreme group leaders

  2. Tall Greys (Rigelian greys) – Section commanders

  3. Short greys (Zeta Reticulan Greys) – Drone workers



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US Martial Law, Gun Confisication, US Collapse, More.—–


Saturday, September 19, 2009 ( CRITICAL INFO TO KNOW IN 2012)



By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Independent investigators and researchers like myself are hearing more and more from alternative news sources about the coming SWINE FLU PANDEMIC (all originating in Government/military labs of course) and the terrible FORCED INOCULATIONS they plan to impose on ALL citizens under this ruse. We are also hearing about the plan to arrest and take people TO THE CAMPS who refuse these deadly inoculations.

Forget their term for it:”QUARANTINE of swine flu vaccination resisters.” Think instead “TERMINATION OF NWO RESISTERS,” even as my former CIA/NWO agenda people warned me, who came out to blow the whistle on government NWO black ops and the REAL purpose of THE DETENTION CAMPS.

“Oh, ALL OF US IN THE CIA know about the detention camps in America and their purposes. We ALL know they are to TERMIANATE the future resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER under martial law as the government brings it down….” (Source: Michael Maholy, 20 years ONI/CIA before becoming whistleblower exposing the NWO agenda. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=Michael+Maholy+stitch+cia+drugs+nwo+martial+law&btnG=Google+Search&aq=f&oq=&aqi=)

This warning was further reiterated by former CIA assassin Elaine, who actually helped to plan the detention camps that will house and terminate future NWO resisters before coming out to blow the whistle. She told me while interviewing her:

“I tell you, it will be brutal rape, torture and death for NWO resisters once they get their hands on them and take them to the camps…..”

Let’s face it: you ARE already a “NWO resister” by now IF you know about this kind of government-censored information and have been following it for a while on alternate radio broadcasts and websites like mine!

I will say this again..and again…and again to my readers. Do NOT be taken alive to their FEMA / military (or any other) camps under any circumstances in the future. My CIA sources warned me, face to face as I interviewed them, of the many tragic horrors waiting for the unfortunate Americans who DO somehow get taken alive to the camps under martial law.

“NWO resisters” are considered committed Christians, Patriots, Constitutionalists, gun owners, etc. ANYONE who is already profiled through massive government spying on the American people, to be unwilling to cooperate with their nefarious plans to destroy our Constitutionally-based government, our cherished religious freedoms and rights, our sovereignty, our decidedly CHRISTIAN American founders and heritage, etc., has already been secretly labeled on massive government/military computer lists to be “RESISTERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER” and marked for priority arrest, round-up, and transporting TO THE CAMPS to be “dealt with accordingly.”

I challenge you to therefore stand your ground, defend your home and family, food supplies and possessions, and fight like honorable Patriotic men and woman of this nation who cherish their God-given freedoms and LIBERTY in the hour of coming confrontation.

You are under neither moral nor spiritual compulsion to meekly surrender your God-given rights and liberties to these NWO murderers, who will come in Satan’s name and his NEW WORLD ORDER, to steal, kill and destroy the righteous and the innocent, to impose and install their satanic NWO agenda NOT BY CONSENT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, but by brutal force, under martial law.

In that great freedom-lovers’ “BIG SKY state of MONTANA,” I interviewed some courageous mountain men one day, who admitted to me the following: “Yes, Ma’am, we KNOW what their NWO agenda is, and it will be out of our cold dead hands they pry our guns , because we are NOT surrendering to the NEW WORLD ORDER! And we are NOT gonna be TAKEN ALIVE TO THEIR CAMPS!” (Good!)

I will never forget that interview. The REST of America should learn from their courageous and uncompromising example……..

-Pamela Schuffert


Prophesied MARTRYDOM is Coming to Christians USA

American Holocaust

Bible Prophecy and Coming Martyrdom of Christians to America

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective

SO many Christians in America have become dangerously lukewarm and comfortable with where America is at. Centuries of religious freedom and lack of persecution on a major scale has lulled many into a false state of “safety-comfort-denial” in this hour. In the minds of most Christians, in fact, no persecution could ever come to the Christians in America! And this is exactly what their flesh wants to hear and believe, for no one really ever wants suffering or persecution to invade their lives.

However, my many years of performing investigative journalism nationwide and at times worldwide has uncovered something entirely different. Unfailing Bible prophecy also confirms what I am uncovering. Planned persecution is COMING to the Christians in North America. Here is what my research has uncovered.

This persecution will be prolonged and intense. It will seek to seize churches and turn them over to the government for secular purposes, much as in communist Russia. It will seek to arrest and persecute both religious leaders and the rest of the Christians throughout this nation. It will seek to cause Christians to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ to join their New World Order agenda, or subsequently martyr them when they refuse to deny Jesus Christ. It will see in fact to BEHEAD the Christians who remain faithful to Jesus Christ. Or to transport Christians arrested via prisoner boxcars with shackles to awaiting FEMA/Homeland Security detention camps scattered nationwide and also in Alaska and Canada, where there, much as in Russia and Eastern Europe under communism, the Christians will be severely persecuted, including torture and interrogation, ridiculed and finally terminated when finished. And ALL quite “legally” under martial law and the Presidential Executive Orders and other legislation written to prepare the way for THE COMING AMERICAN HOLOCAUST of the innocents.

For the serious student of END TIME BIBLE PROPHECY none of this should come as a complete surprise. When Jesus said in Matthew 24, regarding what would be the sign of His coming and the end of this age, He warned His disciples that worldwide persecution against His disciples would come FIRST. He warned that His disciples would be HATED OF ALL NATIONS for His name’s sake. ONLY under a ONE WORLD ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT (NWO of Revelation 13) can all nations simultaneously HATE THE CHRISTIANS and deliver them up to tribulation and to be put to death. AMERICA must be included in this WORLDWIDE persecution of the disciples of Jesus Christ, if Jesus’ words are to be taken literally. And that is precisely the dark intentions of the coming NEW WORLD ORDER to be imposed on America under MARTIAL LAW.

Years of travel and interviews to uncover the plans of the NWO against the Christians in America have confirmed that the NWO planners for decades have been conspiring to bring persecution and death to the Christian opponents of the antichrist world globalist (communist) agenda for this nation. One of the most satanically controlled agencies in the world, the CIA, plays a major role in helping this NWO take over in America some day. My frequent interviews with former CIA officers, many who have now become Christians and feeling compelled to admit the truth, have uncovered the fact that plans from within the CIA have been made for many years both to persecute and ultimately terminate the Christians to pave the way for establishing their antichrist NWO agenda in America.

Much of the planning for Christians to be arrested under martial law and taken away to the camps for termination came out of the CIA, especially under the era of George Bush Sr being head of the CIA, according to many former CIA working under him. But then, the Bush Illuminati satanic bloodline has always been active behind the scenes in working hard for the realization of a NEW WORLD ORDER.

Even as Bible prophecy declares that this tyrannical world dictatorship of antichrist (Revelation 13) will receive it’s power directly from “THE DRAGON” or satan/Lucifer himself, the ILLUMINATI or satanists of this NWO agenda how openly admitted as much. One former CIA assassin under Bush Sr. admitted to me while interviewed, “We satanists are the backbone, and Lucifer is the HEAD of the New World Order…” and as such, “…ALL the Christians have to go. We satanists realized that Christians would never accept our satanically based NEW WORLD ORDER. The very camps you are now investigating were designed to be used to terminate the Christians in America under martial law…” (Admission of Elaine, former satanist/assassin and NWO planner under Bush SR in CIA.)

My investigative journalism has uncovered the reality of thousands of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES designed to transport unfortunates arrested under martial law by train transport to the many FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention camps designed to deal with all future NWO resistance. This is identical to how the world globalist communists dealt with Christian and political resistance to their agenda in Russia. They arrested and sent religious/political resisters to the many gulags scattered throughout Russia and the former Soviet Union, transported by train. Hitler also used trains to transport religious and political opponents to the camps under a Nazi dictatorship. Mass prisoner transportation by rail is cost effective. These sturdy metal prisoner boxcars can be hosed out after each transport and used over and over again. They can last for decades. Prisoners can even be terminated (gassed, etc.) while still chained inside the boxcars. Tragically, history does repeat itself…IF the citizens of any nation will sit back passively and allow it’s leadership to make it happen again unchallenged.

I have personally interviewed Christians who have experienced VISIONS FROM GOD of the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. One woman attending a prophecy conference I spent time at, admitted when I told her about my investigating, “THIS explains the visions I have been having. I saw Christians arrested for their faith and placed onto BOXCARS and sent to concentration camps to be killed for their faith….” This woman I interviewed was from MONTANA. My years of research in MONTANA have uncovered the reality of many sightings of prisoner boxcars with shackles prepositioned throughout the state for the hour of arrest under martial law. Reliable eye witnesses have reported seeing even MODERN GUILLOTINES bolted into each boxcar in one case, along with the shackles installed as well.

My research has uncovered the presence of millions of modern guillotines in America (and I am convinced worldwide) to fulfill a future agenda tied in with the Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS legislation. They are also tied in with Bible prophecy regarding “…the souls BEHEADED for the witness of Jesus Christ and the Word of God….” (Revelation 20:4) who essentially will not go along with the coming antichrist NWO agenda, who will not deny Jesus Christ, and are slain as a result by BEHEADING.


When I first began to receive information from quality sources regarding the presence of modern guillotines in America and lectured on them, I was amazed to hear people coming forward after the lectures to share their GUILLOTINE VISIONS. Christians from around the world that I encountered in Jerusalem while lecturing, lined up to tell me of their visions of being BEHEADED FOR THEIR FAITH. Brian with YWAM from the Bahamas…Christina Mitchell from New Zealand…and many more. All told me of poignant detailed visions of the foreign troops involved and the modern guillotines and being beheaded for their faith.

One pastor’s wife in Long Island, NY, told me with tears of her vision of being beheaded for her faith, while in military surroundings. Another youth pastor, Pastor Richards in Bakersfield, CA, told me of his graphic vision of martial law being declared in California, and the guillotines being brought out, and himself being dragged to one of them and told, “well, Pastor, what shall it be? Will you DENY JESUS and join our NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, or will you DIE?” In his vision he remained faithful to Jesus and was beheaded.

Becky, a powerful Christian witness in the Washington DC area working at the Department of Agriculture, told me of her many graphic GUILLOTINE VISIONS she is convinced God also gave her:

” I saw how the NWO was going to use these guillotines to tempt the Christians to deny their faith. I watched as children were snatched away from parents and taken to the guillotines. The parents were then tempted to deny Jesus, or the children would be beheaded. And the parents taken away from children, and the children tempted to deny Jesus, or their parents would be beheaded. In my visions, I even SAW THE GUILLOTINES SET UP ON THE WHITE HOUSE LAWN!”

In fact, the first time I ever became aware of these guillotines, was when I was involved in Christian outreach in Tulsa, OK, in 1976. It was an evident time of revival and the power of God was moving in many ways. I was participating in street outreach to youth then. While praying with another Christian, God’s Holy Spirit interrupted. He spoke prophetically and said, “I am pouring out MY SPIRIT upon my Church in America today, because without His power, you will not make it with what is coming to your nation…” Stunned, I prayed, “Oh, God , WHAT IS COMING to our nation?” The reply: “My child, if I were to SHOW you what is coming to YOUR nation, YOU WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO BEAR what I would show you!” I was only a young Christian at that time. Still, we prayed that night for God to show us what was coming. And that very night, the person I prayed with had a graphic vision of Christians lined up in front of modern guillotines to be beheaded for their faith.

In fact, many Christians were receiving disturbing dreams and visions of things to come at that time period. I recall attending one prayer meeting, in which one Christian stood up to recount how God had showed her Christians being held in concentration camp type surroundings, filthy and unkempt, their Bibles having been taken away. She stated how God had shown her that many Christians faced persecution in the future, and to therefore memorize their Bible passages since evidently their Bibles would also be taken away under this future persecution.

Yet another stood up to recount how God showed him that famine was coming to this nation on a major scale, and yet how when Christians stood around a table to pray, miraculously their table was filled with food in response during this coming time of famine. In this vision, the person was shown that there was no food in the home, no heat or electricity, and a bleak time of depression in America. My years of investigative journalism have uncovered that all of the above are coming BY DELIBERATE PLAN to this nation someday.

Revelation 13 makes it clear that these forces of antichrist world globalism will have the power to put the Christians and all other resisters to death under their regime. And my many years of research have confirmed that this is their intent exactly. My question therefore to the Christians of America today is, “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?”

WILL YOU take the time to fast and pray and to allow GOD TO PREPARE YOUR HEART to stand fast in your faith when this all comes down? WILL YOU purpose to GROW IN TRUE DISCIPLESHIP/CROSS-EMBRACING FAITH, so that when the coming winds of adversity blow against the Church in America, you will not be swept away in it’s dark wake? “Faith WITHOUT WORKS is dead, ” declares God’s word. “But be ye DOERS OF THE WORD, and not HEARERS ONLY, deceiving yourself.”

The Holy Spirit is truly showing His people THINGS TO COME. He is giving us a sneak preview with a purpose. IT IS NOT GOD’S WILL THAT ANY SHOULD PERISH, and that includes perishing by FALLING AWAY and denying our faith as well. We as Christians are called to be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH. True discipleship understands that we may be called upon to SUFFER for our faith, to lose everything for our faith, and ultimately to DIE for our faith and confession of Jesus Christ as well. And we are NEVER permitted to DENY JESUS BEFORE MEN. Not even to save our lives or the lives of those we love. Jesus declared that whoever would deny Him before men, the same will be denied before the Father in Heaven.

“IF ANY MAN WOULD COME AFTER ME, let him DENY himself, take up his cross and follow ME,” said Jesus. “Whoever seeks to SAVE his life, the same shall lose it, and whoseover shall seek to LOSE HIS LIFE for MY SAKE and the sake of the Gospel, the SAME SHALL FIND IT. For what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and LOSE HIS SOUL?”

Tragically, few pastors are truly preaching a CROSS EMBRACING DISCIPLESHIP Christianity in America today. It is not popular to human flesh! Carnal Christianity is preaching a false prosperity message, equating the faith with money and material possessions and “easy street Christianity” of the flesh. And few pastors in America are preparing God’s people to realistically face the COMING PERSECUTION. I personally believe that the wrath of God is upon those pastors who KNOW all that I have warned about, and yet refuse for carnal reasons to WARN GOD’S PEOPLE. And I am convinced that the end result of this shall be that MANY SHALL FALL AWAY AND DENY HIM, even as Jesus warned his Disciples in Matthew 24. If God’s people are not being prepared and built up in their faith and Biblical discipleship principles to withstand the coming times of testing, how then shall they be prepared? How then shall they stand? If much of what they are hearing are false prophesies uttered by false shepherds of “good things to come,” as is the case in many churches, will they not be devastated when reality hits them unexpectedly some day? The obvious answer is YES. And such Christians unprepared also have the potential to FALL AWAY out of fear and threat of persecution. THEY WERE NOT PREPARED!

THIS IS WHY I HAVE LABORED FOR YEARS NOW to forewarn my endangered fellow Christians and Americans. The greatest tragedy is for A SOUL TO BE LOST. Christians who lose faith under persecution and are moved to DENY JESUS CHRIST will in fact lose their salvation, and the Bible makes this very clear. Both the clear words of Jesus Christ and those of His Apostles confirm the fact that we are required to remain FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH. We cannot deny Him for ANY reason!

I am therefore determined that NO MAN’S BLOOD will be on my hands. I am TELLING AMERICA THE TRUTH. I will do everything I can to forewarn God’s people in this nation of what is to come against Christians in this final hour of America’s destiny. I will do the job that many pastors refuse to do from their pulpits and that is to forewarn and prepare God’s people for the Biblically prophesied COMING PERSECUTION. This is in fact what a faithful “watchman on the wall” is required by God to do. And I have done this now faithfully for 13 years.

Please, won’t you receive a word of warning from the Word of God and His Holy Spirit? Will you not take the time to prepare your heart from God’s word and prayer and fasting, so that having done ALL, you may then stand triumphantly in Jesus Christ to face the coming times in VICTORY? “And THIS is the VICTORY that overcomes the world, EVEN OUR FAITH!”
“And they overcame him [satan] by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB, and by the WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY, and because they LOVED NOT THEIR LIVES UNTO THE DEATH.” (Revelation 12:11) The call to FAITHFULNESS UNTO DEATH is clear. I therefore testify that your eternal soul and eternal destiny is at stake. Where shall YOU spend eternity some day?

-Pamela Schuffert


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